Kerikeri International Piano Competition

Judging Procedures for KIPC 2016

Preliminary Round – The Audition

KIPC will verify the eligibility of the applicant and the authenticity of the recording.

The recordings will be transferred anonymously and listened to by the review panel.

They will select the 14 contestants to compete in Kerikeri plus 4 reserve contestants (in order 15,16,17,18).

The Competition in Kerikeri

At the conclusion of Round Two, each adjudicator will submit, in no particular order, a list of the Four contestants he / she would choose for the Final.. The votes are then totalled. In the event of a tie a second round of voting will be needed. The decision is based on performances in both Round 1 and 2

In the Final, each juror will list the performers from 1st to 4th, with 1- 4 points allocated accordingly. The contestant with the lowest score is the winner. There will be a re-vote in the event of a tie. The decision is based on the contestants’ performance in the Final Round

The end result is the adjudicators’ decision. There will be no external chairman making a casting vote,

The Sonata Prize

The jury will select the winner of the Sonata Prize at the end of Round 1

Other prizes

The jury will be select the winners of the other prizes at the end of the Final Round