Kerikeri International Piano Competition

Additional information

1.  Travel and Accommodation

Competitors who are selected for the Competition in Kerikeri are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. 

In keeping with Kerikeri tradition, competitors will be offered complimentary home-stay accommodation with members of the Kerikeri community. Hosts assist with transport to and from the competition venue. 

Alternatively, competitors can choose to arrange their own accommodation at their own expense.

2. The Competition Venue

The Competition venue is the Turner Centre at Kerikeri which has a 400 seat concert hall. Please go to  for more information.

3.  Pianos

The Competition piano is a full-size 9 foot Steinway D concert grand. Each competitor will be allocated a practice session on this piano prior to the start of the event. 

A further practice time will be allocated to each finalist on the Sunday morning prior to the Final in the afternoon.

Good quality practice pianos will be available at the Turner Centre and also at other locations around Kerikeri. Transport will be provided.