Kerikeri International Piano Competition


KIPC is currently poised to achieve international recognition. It has already achieved significant status in New Zealand and has a long history of its finalists continuing on to develop successful careers as international concert pianists.

The 2010 and 2012 competitions saw significant number of entries and subsequent contestants coming from overseas including Israel, Russia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Poland, Singapore and Australia.

The KIPC Trust is a registered charity (CC21011) which organises and presents the biennial competition in Kerikeri.

The Trust receives no guaranteed funding and as a result is funded entirely by its many supporters who may be Friends, Financial Donors or Other Donors who supply goods or services. Donors may be corporate, private, community trusts, other charitable trusts or public enterprises.

The level of Financial and other Support Required

The next Competition, to be held at the beginning of July 2014, is expected to incur costs of around $125,000. The main items of expenditure are: advertising and publicity $10,000, catering $8,000, event management and publicity fees $22,000, adjudicator (3) costs $25,000, prizes $28,000, venue hire and stage management costs $15,000, printing $4,000. Other minor costs include piano tuning, photography, floral displays, audition evaluation fees and other miscellaneous items.

Net ticket sales and contestant entry fees amount to around $30,000, leaving around $95,000 to be raised from supporters.

While historically the KIPC Trust has always succeeded in raising enough funds to meet its costs, it would take considerable comfort from having one or two major supporters thus allowing greater financial security.

The Friends of KIPC play an integral and crucial part of the event, for without them, the competition could not survive. It is by becoming a ‘Friend’ that you can provide KIPC with a pool of dedicated, paid up supporters able to ensure that the Competition remains one of New Zealand’s musical treasures. Read more...

It is the view of the Trustees that major supporters who commit themselves to supporting KIPC will be attaching themselves to an organisation and an event that is steadily building on its considerable national and international reputation. This will also benefit the image and reputation of the major supporter(s). Read more...

Donations of goods or services are as valued as financial donations. KIPC is a significant consumer of local (Kerikeri) G & S including catering services, advertising services, equipment hire services, accommodation services, floral art, piano transport, printing services, stage management and projection services. Internationally it is a consumer of airline travel services. Read more...