Kerikeri International Piano Competition

Financial Donors

Donations to the KIPC trust are rebateable for tax purposes due to KIPC being a registered charitable trust.

It is the view of the Trustees that major supporters who commit themselves to supporting KIPC will be attaching themselves to an organisation and an event that is steadily building on its considerable national and international reputation. This will also benefit the image and reputation of the major supporter(s).

Major supporters who make a significant financial commitment will be given recognition on all of KIPC’s media such as event promotional material, KIPC’s website, event programs and in national and international print, radio and television media through KIPC’s publicist for competition events, as well as a number of complimentary seats at recitals and competition events.

Naming rights for the Competition are available to supporters donating a minimum of $50,000 per competition for a minimum two competitions (4 years) This can be paid in installmetns of $25,000 per year.

Supporters who can make contributory rather than major donations are offered a limited number of complimentary seats to KIPC events and recognition in KIPC media as outlined above, under the following categories:

Silver level financial supporters providing between $500 and $999 in a 24 month period

Gold level financial supporters providing between $1000 and $4999 in a 24 month period

Platinum level financial supporters providing $5000 or more in a 24 month period

Alternatively, if preferred, major or contributory financial supporters can be anonymous. KIPC looks forward to your support!!

Who to Talk to About Becoming a Financial Donor of KIPC

Further information can be obtained from Sylvia Burch, Chairman of KIPC on (09) 407 4582 or from Tony Norman (Treasurer) on (09) 407 7752 or click here to contact the KIPC trust with any donation or other support queries.