Kerikeri International Piano Competition

Past Competitions

KIPC 2016 lifted the profile of the event to new heights with a level of performance not heard before. The selection of the 15 contestants from a record 63 entrees produced three days of dazzling piano playing which entertained the audience and provided the three judges with a daunting task.

Once again there were representatives from around the world with contestants from Ukraine, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand

The three international judges were Professors Jan Jiracek von Arnim (Austria), Eleanor Wong (Hong Kong) and Albert Tiu (Singapore).

The four finalists in prize winning order were: Dong-Wan Ha (South Korea), Dong Yi Lee (Australia), Samuel Deason (Canada) and Yi-Yang  Chen (Taiwan)

Jill Cottle Sonata Prize: Dong-Wan Ha

Sandy McKay Encouragement Award: Chanyeong Yong (South Korea) 

Sir Michael Hill Development Prize – Jane Ji-hyun Sohn (New Zealand) 

KIPC 2014 again drew interest from around the world with 53 applicants and a final line up of 14 contestants from Australia, China, Malaysia, New Zealand, and for the first time, America. It was also a further milestone for the competition with the number of adjudicators increasing from one to a panel of three – Natasha Vlassenko (Australia), Professor Christopher Elton (UK) and Professor Terence Dennis (NZ).

The four finalists in prize winning order were: Alex Raineri (Australia); Sylvia Jiang (NZ); Ayesha Gough (Australia); Xuan He (China)

KIPC 2012 drew considerable interest from around the world with 43 applicants and a final line up of 16 contestants from as far afield as Poland and Taiwan. The level of performance was quite exceptional giving adjudicator Mikhail Solovei from Melbourne a most unenviable task. His selection for the final was Anna Maksymova (NZ), James Guan (Australia), Szczepan Kończal (Poland) and the eventual winner, 19 year old Yeh Shih Hsien (Taiwan). The four day event was attended by enthusiastic audiences from Northland and beyond with larger numbers than for previous competitions.